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Nikki Douthwaite Artists Statement
Nikki Douthwaite Artwork
Nikki Douthwaite Artwork Nikki Douthwaite Mika Hakkinen

My work is mainly based around two mediums; dot art (also known as confetti art) and collage.
Both of these mediums have similarities in progress. Whatever the medium, my goal is to create two experiences for the viewer.Close up the detail of either hundreds of thousands of tiny mixed up coloured dots, or readable magazine articles; which in detail intrigue in themselves. They may seem chaotic and to have no order to the viewer at this distance, but when viewed from far away , the viewers' eyes and brain mix the dots/articles/colours together, revealing the relationships of the details and creating the image as a whole

My dot art is made by using coloured dots produced by a hole punch, and painstakingly stuck on,
one by one, with a pair of tweezers. This idea came from the works of Georges-Pierre Seurat,
studying his pointillist paintings from the late 19th century. and reading up on art-critic and teacher
Charles Blanc and chemist Michel Eugene Chevreul's historical theories of optical mixing, colour placement and colour relationships. Colour excites me, and use of it is critical to the success of one of my works. My collages are made from magazine articles relevant to the subject of the picture. .

I have been working with these mediums for many years, obsessed with attention to detail, and meticulous about every dot or every piece being in the right place. I work for ten to fourteen hours usually during the night to optimise concentration.

My choice of portraits come from an interest in faces from 2 perspectives. Firtsly in the biological form; bone and muscle construction, from studying anatonmy and Physiology as a student nurse. Secondly from Sociological, expression and individuality which comes from my experiences as a Restaurant Manager for which i loved doing for many years, Effectively "people watching". A lot of my work is based around my love of motor sport, predominantly Formula One, for which to say i have a passion would be an understatement.


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