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Nikki Douthwaite Crystal Bob Marley
Bob Marlley Portrait by Nikki Douthwaite

I made what I call "Crystal Bob" in conjuntion with a company named Gemstone Creative. This piece was supposed to be a test piece to see if I could work in Swarovski crystals and with limited colours, as the original aim was to be able to convert this into precious gemstones.

As the test piece came out so well they have decided to frame it and sell it so crystal Bob is currentlly for sale.

In a way it is a shame, as if I had known it was staying as a crystal piece and not for conversion, I would not have had the restraint of only 4 colours and I think I could have made a more stunning piece out of tens of sparkly colours. It is my intention to make a Bob also out of hole punch dots one day, and re-visit the crystals, although this time without the constraint of a reduced colour pallet. My talents are being able to mix hundereds of colours together to make an image, and although, as a first attempt at crystal portraits I was quite happy with the result, I feel now I have had a practice, I could do so much more with these.

Made out of 45,000 Swarovski crystals.

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