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Nikki Douthwaite Sebastian Vettel Portrait

Watch the BBC 1 2012 end of season montage with the making of Dot Seb vettel. Click Here

Medium- 101,000 Hole Punch Dots on Wood
Completed November 2012

The BBC F1 team asked me if I would be interested in making a piece of artwork for the closing credits of the last race of the 2012 season. Because my work takes so long to make, and as the season was so tight, I had to make the call of who to make with 8 races still left to go.
For most of the summer, the BBC team had been asking me to make an Alonso, but I just had a funny feeling that the season was Seb's, even though at that point he was quite a way behind.

I decided to leave starting it as late as possible, but still ensuring that I could still get it finished in time. I made the call to make Seb after he won in Singapore, still quite a way behind in the Championship, but I could not shake the feeling that he would win.

Nikki Douthwaite Sebastian Vettel Dot Portrait

I set about making all the dots in "Red Bull" colours; I used predominantly white, yellow, red, blue and black, with a few other colours thrown in for contrast. I made nearly 140,000 dots to play with, but was reluctant to start sticking him as he was still so many points behind in the drivers' Championship. When he then won the next race in Japan, even though still far behind in points, I could see him winning every race until the end of the season. Besides, in 2008, 2009, and 2010, every current driver I made first that year, had gone on to win the drivers' Championship. If making Seb brought him the luck to beat Alonso in the Championship, then I was in!

Making Dot Seb Vettel Making of Dot Seb Vettel Making Dot Seb Vettel Making Dot Seb Vettel  

I had plenty of challenges to deal with making this piece. Time was an issue: I had to work around 16 hours every day, then stop at certain points for filming. Also, I usually chop up the picture and work on my knee, then stick it back together to save my back and neck, but for filming reasons, I could only do that with the edge pieces.

For this to be shown, Seb had to win the Championship, and with him going down the track backwards on the first lap, I had resigned myself to that fact that all my hard work was not going to be seen, until he drove the race of his life to take the position he needed to win the Championship. I did feel a little sorry for Fernado Alonso, who just looked so stunned at what had just happened.

Seeing my work in a montage with my F1 racing heros has to be one of the highlights of my life. Along with an amazing song by Alistair Griffin, and the amazing editing tallents of BBC's Tim Boyd, and the fact it was Jake Humphrey's last time presenting the show, I felt emotionally exhausted by the end of the programme.

Every time I feel I can't do anymore, every time I want to give up art, I watch this and it reminds me of what I have achieved.

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