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Nikki Douthwaite Top Gear Portraits

Medium - Autotrader Magazine North West Edition, on Wood
3 X 179cm by 122cm
Completed May 2010

I decided to make the portraits of the Top Gear crew after my Jenson Button portrait appeared on the show in December 2009. The idea was to make them out of my local Autotrader magazines, using the cars and adverts. Using only two editions per portrait, this was a challenge as the texture and colours were so different to the textures and shine of the previous glossy F1 Racing magazines I had used for the F1 driver portraits. The idea was to get me used to using subtle colour to create an illusion of a black and white portrait before attempting it in the longer, more painstaking medium of dots, so I could make the McLaren collection with more confidence.

Top Gear Portraits by Nikki Douthwaite
Top Gear In Progress

Close up, they look like a plie-up, as I spent two weeks just cutting out tiny cars from the magazines, and using them as the mid-tones for the pictures.
I like the Jeremy one the best, then James, but I was not really happy with the Richard one. Maybe sometime in the future I will re-visit it with fresh eyes and try to improve it.

These portraits were in Local and National Newspapers, and appear on World Wide websites.

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